Almost of EARTH’S population are LEARNERS. Learners that have passion and eagerness to capper their studies. Well, it’s their  obligation anyways. Some Students are blessed for they study to the prestigious institutions or schools in which they can learn better and became future-ready individuals and some considers school as a bridewell or a dead-end.

For me? School is a better place to live a life with and can help us to become what we want to be.



I am a student of SLSU also known as Southern Leyte State University and I have my own reason why I choose to be a scholar in this institution.

These are my cases why I like SLSU :


  At first I was hesitant to study here because it is a University and it was expected that fees are very much expensive.Yet, what my mind states is opposite of what reality is. Why? It’s all because AFFORDABLE TUITION FEE  is what i experience while studying here at SLSU.


Educator here equipped with knowledge and information that can help the student to be a competitive and professional individuals. They uses different approaches and strategies that can motivate every learner to disquisite and pursue their studies very well.  It was visible through the passers of different board exams that has taken.


Scholarships are one of the greatest  opportunity that the students could have and I’m one of them. This school never let any student suffer from financial problems.  SLSU  encourages students to avail scholarship programs and this institution ne’er left the students with nothing.


SOUTHERN LEYTE STATE UNIVERSITY  embraces different cultures, genders,religion,and different aspescts. This institution never disregard differences between people.Instead it consider and respect heterogeneous being. As long as you’re amenable and determine enough to wrap up what you started then SLSU  salutes you for that and expect the open door of brighter future.







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