Early affliction of MINE


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Do you know the feeling of loving or patronizing someone? Do you reach the point of Breaking down? How about loving someone who doesn’t love you back? .Well, i know that most of us here experience this kind of ere feelings especially the youth.

As of now, I’m trying to fix these feelings of mine and they don’t know it I guess.

I experience the first heartache of mine is when I was in First year College.

I had a Boyfriend and I was so in love with him, he studied at Manila and I don’t know what’s the specific place .We share our memories through SMS and through internet. Yet he court me personally.

It was our 7th monthsary back then I greeted him through SMS and I waited for his reply. Minutes, and hours I didn’t receive a single response from him. It was okay, for me, maybe he was busy or he had no load.

It was August 23, 2015 a rainy afternoon. I texted him Hi and he replied Hello. That time as I read his single message there was an impact. I feel something unusual and i don’t like those feelings.

He apologizes for what he did and I accept his apology maybe because he had his own reasons. I asks him a question “do you still love me?” and he answered “actually all of these are shits, trash, and a fallacy”.I was like oh my god .Tears streaming down my face as I read those messages. I tell him that i “are you serious?”, he said “yes, why not?” he paused and he texted me again “I don’t love you anymore,I’m in love with somebody else, the only way to court her is through BREAKING UP WITH YOU”. It seems like thousands of knives was stabbed on my back. My heart is aching and it was like hell.

So, He broke up with me and i have nothing to do with it. Actually we or maybe I celebrated our 7th monthsary the day before we broke up. And until now, It is still here inside my heart. Trying to forget all those memories that still hunts me.

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