TOP 10 of my lists

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PHILIPPINES consists of 7,107 islands. Also known as “PEARL OF THE ORIENT SEAS” for it bears such wondrous and jaw-dropping scenery that grapple world’s enthrallment.

There are places that i badly want to drop-in. Spend my everything I guess? and here it is.

1.Cuatro Islas


Located at the midst of Hindang ,Leyte and Inopacan, Leyte. White sand, breeze, sea shells, and starfish caught my interest.That’s the reason why I wanted to go there and I want to present it to everyone what Leyte got.

2. Puerto Princesa Underground River

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Oh la la, Palawan blessed with a tons of scenery and it is wow. Okay, underground river of Puerto Prinsesa is my chosen place because i want to meet the bats, and to feel what it feels like canoeing inside the cave-like structure.

3. Chocolate Hills

Image result for chocolate hills in bohol

Craving for chocolate huh. This hills looks yummy. Looks can be deceiving anyway. So chocolate hills, I choose this place as one of my destination because I want to capture a picture with that giant chocolate hills and meet my cousins Tarsiers.

4. Enchanted River


Simply, I want to swim in that enchanted river because i want to feel enchanted? and maybe to witness the depth of that river and to feed fishes also.

5. Mt. Pinatubo Crater Lake


 I wanted to go there really, because for me to see the beauty after the destruction or the eruption of that volcano. This giant baby is deserving to be called as BEAUTIFUL DESTRUCTION.

6. Monte Cueva


I want to go to this place not to take a picture or something but to be blessed and experience the holiness of this cave.

7.  Banaue Rice Terraces


Rice field in a terraces. I want to go there because Baguio is my dream destination here in Philippines. To meet the Ifugaos, capture the beauty of the Rice Terraces, also to know its history and how it is made is one of my plans.

8. Butterfly Paradise of Palawan


Palawan is indeed a wonderful island. I want to go here because I want to play with the butterflies.

9. Pagsanjan Falls


Pagsanjan Falls caught my attention for I read its legend and it is wonderful. Not just that I want to be a mermaid even at once.

10. Enchanted Kingdom


It is where the magic lives forever. I badly want to go to this amusement and enjoy every single opportunity and I want  to be a kid again.


That’s all.

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  1. Lots of beautiful places! The only one I’ve been to is the Enchanted Kingdom. Hope you get to visit some of these amazing places!


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