Ideal Partner is a perfect delusion,particularly for the girls. As a woman who lived in a 21st century era finding or conceptualizing your soulmate is not an easy task. It takes time  searching for someone who can “sweep you off your feet”.

When envisaging the Ideal person, there are  plenty of characteristics I fantasize. Some of it are there physical appearance and others are consist of personality. While imagining this significance, I would probably begin start it from top to bottom.

 Start with the eyes. These eyes should be profound and obscure. When looking up someone in their eyes you can see the things that they’ve been through. Casting into someone eyes can be one of the most enchanting experience. For it provides the man’s definition and character.



A toothsome complexion should be brown like caramel. Skin with this tincture can seize every ones immersion. A lad with a smooth skin is so attractive.



Man’s lips are the  most allude part of their feature. It is one of their tool in demonstrating their passion to the one they love.  Smile is the best image to capture so you shouldn’t miss it. It can complete your day in an instance. Especially when your not at your best.




Speaking of a body frame, it should be a well-toned one,But not too much. Strong arms can give you a security through their warmth hug.




The most important factor is their personality.   Cull a Man that can make you their everything and a Man who can show the world how essential you are to them. Choose a man who can love you back and choose a man who are willing to spend their lifetime with you ’till eternity.




Photo credits: http://www.google.com




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