Wild things I commit



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“It’s boring to be NORMAL, so be CRAZY”



Everyone in the excrescence of the thoroughfare will unfailingly stumble the parallelism  of embarrassing  things, so get the hang of it, loosen it up instead.

Experiencing such a crackbrain things is quite mortifying and exciting. Your’e not a human if you didn’t undergo those things.

So here it is:

bogsPicking my nose then eating my booger was My hobby  especially when I was bored. It sounds like eww but for me, it was  indescribable.



Next, is diving into the river even though I don’t know  how to swim and poop I drown.It leads me almost to death and expected my Momma scold me for that.



Then, trying to put some piercings on my cat’s ear. That time I just want to beautify my Monica (which is my cat). She was bleeding and scratching all the way through. I found it cute and knowing that she’s a girl so that’s why.


Last but not the least, is drinking up the cooking oil. My curiosity hits me that time. I downloadwant to taste the cooking oil because it gives satisfaction, particularly to what you cook or fried perhaps.What goes into crisps goes unto you that words of wisdom was on my mind. I found myself running to our comfort room as fast as I could, because my stomach aches and I  puked  into our toilet bowl.


photo credits: google.com


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