Movies in Supremacy

Actresses,Actors,script,settings,and the director are present in the term “movie”.

Movie is a kind of recording where images are moving and it tells a story in which the spectator are watching. It is best describe as “stress reliever” and a “past time”.

There are lots of movies that I watched, but two of them are in the midst of supremacy in which my mind prevails.

The first one is the movie Moana

The story is all about Moana, tough-willed girl. She is the daughter of the chief that rules the whole village. A high spirited teenager who take ship on an adventure (which is her mission) to prove herself a master wayfinder and accomplish her Forefather’s quest that still undone.

Throughout her expedition, Moana cross paths with a man named Maui a demigod. They navigate the whole wide ocean together. They encounter lots of monsters including the demon Tika which tends to be Tiffiti a goddess.

So, this movie reminds me of my elder sister. She is determined enough to find a way just to fullfill her dreams in life. Until she made it.

Next is the moviet SUICIDE SQUAD


Figuring that they are all expendables, a U.S intelligence officer conclude conglomerate a jeopardizing gang. In which the members are imprisoned pharaonic evildoer for a top-secret operation.

Equipped with government ammos, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, and other nasty prison are ought to work together. Dubbed task X-force, the felonious beings fuse to scrabble an enigmatic and heavy-duty entity. Meanwhile the satanic Joker inaugurate a baleful docket on his own.

This movie opened-up the mind of every individual. It doesn’t matter how wicked they are or even though we know them as a rival. Still they can help their country by their own ways.



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