What is LOVE?

Appearance, Age, Gender are not a requirements when we talk about  LOVE. In short LOVE knows no measure, that cannot be set up in unison by our mind.

As long as you have that kind of emotion then, the foundation of historic events in your entire biography can be build.

By the way of the absence of comprehending the sightliness, abyss, and the dynamism of it. Well, we are  oppresive to unelevate the devotedness into a very thing that our mind can procure. And the applied action and what we understand is very identical.

Action is a motion that infinity is present. It has no starting point and it has discontinuance in which it is uncontrolled by the reason and the aftershock.

Action is of everything- egg to caterpillar, and a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. But our mind is not an egg and therefore via its action it turns out to be qualified replica of what it was and what will be.

The changeless tension of fate is positively present in our existence. Although our fate is perpetually changed, they are ever editing our lives.

We are insensitive if we don’t feel this massive action life which sorted from the movement of the young creature in the Earth to the realm of unfathomable paradise.

If the eagerness of knowing what this odd feeling of this action hits you, then you are required to go through it and breakthrough the hedge of this deed in time.

By that time you will understand it already. With that kind of passion you perform, the freedom to do the things you like are recognize in that period.

Befit what you yearn, by the insular you will ne’er find the bottomless.

All in all LOVE is an action.


photo credits: google.com



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